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Meet us


Band’s manager, vocalist and Mistress of Ceremonies, the author of most dance games, especially those constituting part of "oczepiny", the unveiling and capping ceremony, a Polish wedding custom. She hits it off with the audience and her extraordinary ideas will get the party rolling, whether it is a corporate event, wedding reception, prom, carnival ball or children’s Xmas party, she will easily tune in to suit the mood of the party. Apart from managing the band she pursues her other passion, which is photography.


She has been a member of our band for a year now and, yet, it seems as if we have been singing together all our lives. She sings with passion pursuing her vocal dreams. Her absolutely unique timbre will perfectly recreate the atmosphere of both melancholic and harder pieces. Her exquisite voice will make almost a lifelong impression on the listeners and it will stay with them long after the party is over. She uses her voice with great skill matching pitch. She is beautiful and creative and her musical ideas provide inspiration for the whole band. Her exuberance on stage is contagious and it spreads across the band and all the guests regardless of the event character.


Founder of the band, keyboard player, saxophonist and vocalist. Music has been second nature to him ever since. It is both his passion and second love. He is a man with a wide gamut of musical interests and with a good ear for music. He can “go wild” on stage bringing the audience to their feet and onto the dance floor. Not only is he known for his unique and penetrating vocal timbre, but also for his ability to create a captivating listen on his keyboard instruments. He can play back any song just by hearing it. Apart form playing keyboard he is a great enthusiast of saxophone and the „button box”, Paolo Soprani accordion. He has sung on one stage with Robert Janowski, Maciej Miecznikowski and Krystyna Prońko. He is the one behind the sound of the whole band and all the recordings on our website.


Vocalist and guitarist, with 25 years of stage experience, having wide expertise in wedding songs and folk games. He is absolutely unmatched at a bonfire or an outdoor party. He is a versatile guitarist who has a unique sense of music and a good ear for music. He is also our light technician and since the lights come in numbers, connecting them takes so much time that sometimes we all have to join in... but the guests say that it is worth the effort because the show is an absolute blast.


He has been a member of our band since 2012, but he has been playing drums since childhood and by joining us he ably enriched and reinforced the sound of our band. He is a very likeable and amusing person, telling jokes and funny stories – this is what makes Darek. He can make us laugh when we least expect it. Privately he is an electrician by profession, so he is responsible for any electrical matters in our band, in particular at big events when we work using high output sound systems and the audio power is what really matters.